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Wait, is it North Korean Beer?
NO! It's 100% American Made

How does the secret recipe to North Korea's only beer end up in brewed in the United States of America? 


A little ingenuity, a lot of patriotism, and some good ole'fashioned American freedom! 


Once we got our hands on it, of course, we had to try making it. With some online translating and a little “liquid inspiration,” we ended up with something that would make North Korea blue with envy.


The result, a light and smooth lager that’s as crisp as the points on our flag’s 50 stars.


Call us patriots or call us spies but whatever you call us, just take comfort in the fact that you’ve got the freedom to say it because let’s face it, there’s nothing more American than outdoing North Korea. 


By the way, 5% of proceeds are donated to a US Veterans organization. 


Be a patriot. drink a can.

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Crisp Lager

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January 13, 2018

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